Drama for your Mama.

Or whoever. It’s been non stop drama the past few weeks, and I don’t even like drama. So… Drama… be gone! I’m extremely behind on posting, so please bare with me. The good stories are coming soon.

Let me recap the past two weeks… Quit job to pursue my passion which involves writing and opening a studio in a gym. Yes, my own little place for yoga and Twerking and POUND classes and even kids classes. It’s going to be so wonderful, and I am so excited for the opportunity that Shawna Gibson offered me. I’m taking it and running with it. The new Brick Gym will be opening soon, and I cannot wait to see you there!

After quitting my job I decided to spend as much time as possible with one of my best friends who live{ed} in Austin until last week. I was coming home from visiting and was in a wreck. It was a pretty bad wreck and my {then} fiance said he was on his way to get me. Three hours later I called to find out he had changed his mind, but forgot to mention that to me. We broke up right then and there.

That weekend was Utopiafest and I just knew Jamie and I were going to have a great time with all the members of “The Family” that were going. And it was a great weekend, with a major setback. I was slipped drugs. Yes, that means someone gave me drugs I did NOT want to take. However, the festival took care of me better than I could have ever imagined. The head of the festival Aaron Brown, and the entire security team were beyond incredible. I am so grateful for all that they did.

The night of the wreck I met a boy. He ask for my number and I said I was engaged and he could friend me on Facebook, which he did. We started talking and really hit it off. He is an amazing guy and it’s fun looking forward to my phone going off and lighting up when I see it’s him. He’s definitely a bright spot in the midst of all the crazy.

Can’t wait to share more of all these stories with you, it’s just going to take awhile to get it all typed out. Thanks for reading and liking and sharing. Y’all go out there and have a kick ass day.

Bitches, man…

Well… this weekend did not go as planned… Four of us road tripped to Austin together, for what seemed like a perfect little get away. Things started out okay, but were definitely going south {literally and figuratively} before we even got to Waco. I was paying for the hotel rooms, gas, food, everything, and all I ask in return is that people be grateful!!! But this girl, who I had only met a couple of times, was full of bad energy. She needed to pee, or a Sprite, or she didn’t have any ice in her sprite, and she didn’t have a straw, {unfortunately, I am not kidding} she needed something, every 5 miles.

I pull off for the third time in a 3 hour road trip for her to pee, and she says she has to pee at the Texas Roadhouse {odd request, but… to each their own} I hop out of the car and go to the Texas Roadhouse to pee. The other three people went to Best Western, because I had actually pulled into that parking lot. They claimed they told me that is where they were going but I didn’t hear them. I was so annoyed at this point, and we still had an hour and a half to go. Geez.

I needed to clear my head, so I put some Prince on, to which the girl I am super annoyed with says, “Yeah, I’ve never heard any of his music.” “Are you kidding me?” I replied, “Aren’t you like… 35… and you’ve… never heard any of Prince’s music? At all?” Right then and there I knew this chick and I were not cut out to be friends. She can tell I’m highly annoyed with her, so she says, “Watch what I’m going to post on Facebook.” This, is what she posted.

This is a picture of my boyfriend. Now, I don’t know about you, but I usually don’t post pics on Facebook of other girls boyfriends, especially… if it is saying something with a sexual innuendo. Especially, if I had just gotten in a tiff with the girlfriend and then said… “Watch what I’m gonna post on Facebook.” This Girl… man, she’s got issues.

Next, she started complaining when we get to Austin that she needs to go to the hotel room before we do anything else, which, would have been okay, except that I was helping a musician friend out and, I was way late to the show {also, if she hadn’t had to take 14 pee breaks and pictures of my boyfriend along the way, she could have had more time to get ready}. We got there, an hour and a half later than we were supposed to, and she starts complaining about my outfit, um…. really? The reason this really bothered me was her total lack of concern… The entire reason I was in Austin was to be here at the show and HELP. I explained to her that if we went to the hotel first, we would miss the entire show, and she just shrugged her shoulders. Needless to say…  I am totally over her at this point, but go on and enjoy my evening and have a wonderful time. We go back to the hotel, and that is when my boyfriend says he is really glad that weirdo decided to stay at the place we were at, because she kept asking him to have a threesome and other really weird stuff. I was all, UMMMM…. excuse, me? And he was all, yeah… um, can we just forget about it? She kept asking me to hook up with her over and over. She’s a weirdo man.

I pretty much lost my shit at this moment. And called her, and told her that she would not be riding home with us, and that the Megabus was $20, and good luck with life.


*Editors note, since publishing this a little over 24 hours ago, I have received two messages from girls recognizing the picture from the girls Facebook page, and telling me this was not the first time this has happened. I somehow knew my experience was not an isolated incident, so I cannot say I am shocked. Cause… Bitches be crazy.