You Never Know…

You never know who you are going to meet while waiting tables. Or well… anywhere. The last place I waited tables I was having my normal pity party, of where I once was and where I was now, and this girl that I loved, and waited tables with me, was like, “Girl, I get it. I use to be in the cabinet that ran our military. Foreign and domestic affairs.”

And I squinted my eyes as I was starring at her, and I was like, “Holy SHIT! I’ve seen you in press conferences!!!!”
And she said, “Yeah, and I got sick of what I was being ask to do by the administration. Things I cannot talk about, but let’s just say I was suicidal because of what I was being ask to do, and cover up, and I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep… so one day, I walked in, and quit. And you don’t just go out and find another job running a countries military. So… now I wait tables. With you. And I’m studying for the LSAT, and I’m going to do great, and I’m going to law school, and I’m going to be a civil rights attorney. So… never say ‘you’re just a waitress, or you’re just a felon.’ You are intelligent, bright, creative, compassionate… and everything that has happened to you in your life is preparing you for the greatness that you will achieve. You just need one person to give you a break. Just one. It will happen. So be patient. Be kind to yourself. And know it’s coming. You’re just on a path of figuring it all out right now.” 
And she gave me a big hug. 
Tonight work was kinda shitty. I lost $75, and I started crying. Like, bawling. My best friend at work, pulls me in the back, and she knows my story, and that I battle depression, and she hugged me and told me it was going to be okay, and she understood because she had a similar story. I just knew she was in my life for a reason. That these amazing women I meet, who pick me up and tell me it’s going to be okay, and that they understand… They really get it. And I can’t help but be incredibly grateful.
Another waitress was getting yelled at a lot last night, and after I started crying, she started crying. A third waitress said she lost a twenty dollar bill, but thank God Hey-sus found it. And I said, thank Jesus. Literally. And we all started laughing. I told them the story I just recounted above, and we all felt better, inspired even, and I left work giggling and talking to my two work friends, and I thought, you know what… Miss Ex Military Leader was right… I’m just where I’m supposed to be. Figuring out the next phase, whatever that is and wherever this takes me. And I’m good with that.

***and I don’t know why the bottom won’t format correctly. Technical difficulties***

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