Cosmic Coffee + Beer

Cosmic Coffee + Beer is the brainchild of Paul Oveisi, who is clearly a genius. His place on Pickle Road right off South Congress was a success on Day 1. It’s a beautiful space, I like to call it the Joe T’s of Austin. The inside is hip and fresh, unlike Joe T’s, but the outdoor space is where it’s at. Hence where I got the Joe T’s reference

Inside you can grab your coffee, or beer, or craft cocktail, a pastry or cookie and see some live music, as I did Sunday night. I had the distinct pleasure of seeing my favorite, Kalu James, who incidentally just announced he’ll be playing Bonnaroo Music Festival in June, play along side Graham Wilkinson and Sydney Wright. It was a packed house and the atmosphere was full of love. It was amazing. Insert deep love sigh here.

Outside you can sit with your friends among the picnic tables and grab some grub from one of the three food trucks on site. It’s family friendly and such a cool vibe. The outdoor waterfalls and gardens are amazing, kinda like everything else there.

And you can usually catch local celebrity Bobby Perkins there, apparently the unofficial mascot, although Bobby and I are working on making it official. I recommended a T-shirt with his handsome face on it and the word ‘Mascot’ underneath. I’ll take a cut of that Tee Cosmic, as I’m sure you’d sell quite a few.

So if you live in Austin, be sure you check out the space. I’m sure you already have, if you haven’t, what, do you live under a rock?! And if you are visiting, make sure you stop in and say hello. It’s magical and you’ll thank me. And you’re welcome.