Bad Moms

Bad moms make excellent mom friends. I have yet to meet the perfect mother, and when I do, I’m sure we won’t get along. Lucky for me, I have awesome ‘bad mom’ friends. One of those I admire most is my friend, Katherine.  Katherine has four children all under the age of something. Let’s go with nine.

Katherine and I bonded a few years ago at a football watching party. If I were into sports I might remember who the teams involved were. Texas vs. OU sounds right, but I can’t be sure. I was trying to feed Cole, who was about 14 months at the time, make sure my toddler wasn’t doing anything he wasn’t suppose to be doing, like harming other children, and trying to consume wine at the same time. Katherine was trying to do the same thing I was with her three children. We bonded instantly. I remember I laughed hysterically when she said she wanted another kid. I totally thought she was kidding. Or drunk. Turns out she wasn’t kidding.

Katherine is great. She is warm and open, and loves to include people and throws great parties and events. And she likes to drink wine. I mean, hello, home run.

A few weeks back I got an invite from Katherine letting me know she had rented out a theater at the Movie Tavern for all her friends to have a private showing of Bad Mom.  I wonder what the final count was, I want to say between 40 and 50 girls.

We gathered. We socialized through previews and got our beverages  We all laughed. A lot. I laughed so hard tears were running down my cheeks.

The story is pretty simple. All moms are human. All moms are trying their best. Each of our best is different, and it’s so much nicer to embrace each other and lift each other up instead of try to tear each other down. No one wants to hang out with the bitchy bully mom. I think that mom was popular in the eighties and nineties, but is no longer deemed cool in 2016,

Grab your friends and go see this movie together. Thank you so much Katherine for spoiling us like you did last night. That was so much fun! Thanks for being one of my all time favorite ‘bad moms.’

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