Whole 30 – Week 2

The Whole 30 Week 2 started out pretty bad. And got worse. Much, much worse. We had decided to take the kids to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine. It’s a good thing I really love my kids. Only people who really really love their children, or people who find it fun to spend their day in a cest pool blowing wads of cash would find that place “fun”. Plus, everywhere you look at Great Wolf Lodge there are bears. Statues of bears, bears walking around greeting and taking pictures with kids… and I’m all ummmm… where are all the wolves? Did the bears eat them? Oh yay, $30 for a dry burger with no bun and some soggy lettuce. This place sucks.

That night, when Shane, my fiance {yes, my fiance!!! more on that very soon} came into the hotel room carrying pizza for the kids I almost threw him on the ground… and grabbed the pizza and ate all of it. In fact, it took every fiber in my being not to do that. Instead, I ate they deli meat off a five thousand dollar turkey sandwich. And silently cried.

Sunday got worse when my nanny of five years, Thavone, told me she would no longer be with us after August. I spent the next few days walking around eating beef jerky, crying, and occasionally sitting on the floor rocking and saying, “Why me?… Why lord why?” Okay, not quite that bad… but pretty much.

I also started to hate bacon. And don’t even get me started on eggs. Avocados? They were thrilling two weeks ago. Now. Meh. Not impressed. I don’t even get excited about potatoes. Yawn. But I’ve made it through week 2. Weak. Sad. Hating this diet. I’ve never wanted cake more in my whole life. Stupid Whole 30… I cannot wait to see what week 3 brings.

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