The Boyfriend

I had a crush on Shane Williams in college. He was a skater, and I use to see him rolling up to our classes and thought…  Now, that is a cutie. We were both criminal justice (CJ) majors and in several of the same classes (although he doesn’t remember that).

In the summer of 2000 we got to go spend three weeks in London for a class, and on the weekends we got to travel. My friend and fellow CJ major was making all our travel plans and reservations and ask me if I would mind rooming with Shane. “Um, no. That’s fine,” I replied. Trying to remain cool. Inside I was jumping up and down and thinking, SCORE!!!

I got to know Shane really well during our travel time. And I remember thinking, gosh, not only is he cute, but he’s so nice. To everyone. So helpful. If you needed a bag carried, someone to buy you a soda, or someone to tell you to relax, that that noise you just heard was NOT a bomb going off in the Paris subway, Shane was your guy. Turns out he was wrong about that, but at least he kept us all calm.

Here are a couple of pictures.

I’d listen to him call and talk to his girlfriend every night and I remember thinking… Damn. That girl is lucky.

The day we got back from London, a few of us made plans to go out that evening. Shane said he was too tired, and ended up going home and going to bed. I ended up going out with friends that had not been on the trip with us. That night, I ended up kissing the guy that would become my husband. And Shane and I didn’t speak after we got back. I was graduating and he and my other friends still had another semester to go. We eventually found each other on Facebook, and occasionally someone from our London group would post a picture from our trip and we would all comment and say what a great trip it was and how we should all get together.

Four days after I filed for divorce one of those pictures was posted. We all start talking about “the best trip of our lives” and how we wish we could all get together. Shane messaged me and said something along the lines of, “Your family looks great. Glad to see you are doing well.” To which I just unload on an old friend.

Turns out, good guy that he is, he was taking time off work to take care of his grandmother that wasn’t doing well and needed constant care. I was about to go through a divorce. We didn’t have a lot of time to see each other, but we did text and talk a lot. And I remembered why I had such a crush on him.

Not only is he now my boyfriend, he is my fiance! I’m so happy and so in love with him. It’s so crazy how things work out. I don’t think in a million years I would have ever seen that coming.

Now, I struggle with the guilt of being happy. It’s something I will probably have to work on for a long time. I often think, should I have stayed in my marriage even though it wasn’t working? Did I destroy my kids? Are they going to hate me when they get older? Am I selfish for doing this? But that is another blog post. I’ll get to that. For now, I’m just going to try and enjoy the moment.

Water and Twerking

The next two post for Fort Worth Weekly are both up, and I just thought I’d share them with y’all!

The first one was for my water challenge diet… to see how I did on that, click here. It involves me drinking a gallon of water a day. I usually don’t drink water at all, so that was a challenge, especially for my bladder. My liver was quite happy about it. While it lasted.

The second one was just posted today! It’s my experience Twerking with Aubree Blomgren at Force Fitness gym in North Richland Hills. To read my article, click here. This week at the gym they are offering an amazing Kids Camp. They even have drop in pricing. Check out the full schedule of classes and everything this place has to offer. The courses are taught by an amazing staff who not only challenge your physical body, but also the mind. Aubree has figured out how to bring mind, body, and spirit together with her specialized skill set mastered over 15 years.

I am begging Aubree to start teaching in Fort Worth this fall and we have something we are working on which I am so excited about! Stay tuned for details.

Thank you everyone who takes the time to read this. And for all those who message me, comment, stop me when they see me and mention a post… You have no idea how much your support means to me.

Whole 30 – Week 2

The Whole 30 Week 2 started out pretty bad. And got worse. Much, much worse. We had decided to take the kids to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine. It’s a good thing I really love my kids. Only people who really really love their children, or people who find it fun to spend their day in a cest pool blowing wads of cash would find that place “fun”. Plus, everywhere you look at Great Wolf Lodge there are bears. Statues of bears, bears walking around greeting and taking pictures with kids… and I’m all ummmm… where are all the wolves? Did the bears eat them? Oh yay, $30 for a dry burger with no bun and some soggy lettuce. This place sucks.

That night, when Shane, my fiance {yes, my fiance!!! more on that very soon} came into the hotel room carrying pizza for the kids I almost threw him on the ground… and grabbed the pizza and ate all of it. In fact, it took every fiber in my being not to do that. Instead, I ate they deli meat off a five thousand dollar turkey sandwich. And silently cried.

Sunday got worse when my nanny of five years, Thavone, told me she would no longer be with us after August. I spent the next few days walking around eating beef jerky, crying, and occasionally sitting on the floor rocking and saying, “Why me?… Why lord why?” Okay, not quite that bad… but pretty much.

I also started to hate bacon. And don’t even get me started on eggs. Avocados? They were thrilling two weeks ago. Now. Meh. Not impressed. I don’t even get excited about potatoes. Yawn. But I’ve made it through week 2. Weak. Sad. Hating this diet. I’ve never wanted cake more in my whole life. Stupid Whole 30… I cannot wait to see what week 3 brings.

The Gym and I

I am kind of speechless… This is something I have been working on/dreaming about for a long time, and it really happened! I am excited to announce I am an official blogger for FW Weekly! Thank you Eric Griffey for reading this blog and thinking I could write for you. I am humbled and truly grateful.

I was approached by Eric after he ran across this blog. I had posted two post. He got a hold of me and ask me if I would be interested in writing for the FW Weekly. The answer was  an unequivocal ‘yes’! He ask if we could meet so he could pitch me three ideas. I had to pinch myself. Never in one billion years would I have ever thought anyone would want to ‘pitch’ me anything.

Eric went through three options and I ultimately picked option two. A humorous take on diet and fitness. The next few months were spent gathering material and trying to come up with a title for the blog. The Gym and I was selected, and you can click here to read my very first post!

*Once I figure out to post that blog post on this blog post I will do that. #techchallengedrighthere Until then… again, you can click here.

Whole 30 – week 1

Perhaps it wasn’t the greatest of ideas to start the Whole 30 on a Friday, on a holiday weekend, but I wanted to start the Whole 30 on the first day of the month. So I did. To those of you who are not familiar with the Whole 30, it is a Paleo diet plan where you eliminate everything I like to eat and drink. No alcohol. No Dairy. No Grains. No Legumes. This was not going to bode well for my ‘taco and tequila’ diet that I have maintained for many years.

Why on earth would someone like me subject myself to this? Because thanks to many years of bingeing and starving, I have completely screwed my metabolism over. My emotional highs and lows over the past few years haven’t helped. I got divorced. I fell in love. I got engaged. I’m turning 40 this year. I emotionally ate and didn’t work out and gained 30 pounds. I have no energy and I’m not looking so hot, so I thought… What the hell. I’ll give it a shot.{also, apparently the diet makes me want to be a rapper}.

And you know things must be bad for me to give up everything I love.

So I immediately started researching how I could get around the ‘no drinking’ thing. I found that The Whole 30 was just like being pregnant…  No one will tell you it is okay to drink. However, according to a Paleo magazine, you can have alcohol in very small quantities {no not on the Whole 30, but after those 30 days} and champagne was on the approved list. This fact, made me happy. Estatic.With this piece of information, I commited to my trainer and myself that I would do it. And document my journey for all.

The day before I went grocery shopping and posted this picture.

The great thing about the Whole 30 is that there are several foods that I love on the diet. Number one is bacon. Number two is potatoes. And rounding out the top three, avocados. I thought… I’ll survive on bacon and potatoes and avocados. I got this. My chiropractor even told me something I could eat at Chipotle. A bowl with grilled veggies, chicken, mild salsa {pico}, guacamole, and lettuce.

Day 1: Not so bad. I still probably had enough caffeine in me from the day before and I made it through the day eating chicken and veggies and everything was delicious.

I would like to note I also decided to start this on a weekend where I didn’t have my children. I had read stories about ‘detoxing’ and figured my body was going to be exhausted. It was.

Days 2 -4: I spent the weekend acting worse than a toddler having a non-stop tantrum. I was full. I was starving. I was fine. I was exhausted. I slept the majority of the three-day weekend, and I would then usually wake up, forage for something I could eat, and then go back to bed.

I am sure most of the population doesn’t experience these kind of withdrawals, but my body lives on sugar and beans and tortillas and cheese. And I had no idea how reliant I was on ‘fake’ sugar. I use it in everything. I really really miss my fake sugar and caffeine in the morning{s}.

Day 5: I got up and began my ‘new’ normal routine. I poured a big glass or iced tea, and drank it quickly. Hoping it would give me some energy. About 10 mintues later I got sick. And I’m not going to describe it, but it was bad, complete with breaking out in a cold sweat, and thinking I might die.

Day 6: I woke up and didn’t feel like death, and was really excited. I got on the treadmill for a couple of miles and drank a couple of glasses of tea. A few hours later, I’m nibbling on approved beef jerkey and wondering if I’ll ever have energy again.

Sounds fun huh? My stomach does feel flatter {proabably from the puking and almost dying yesterday morning} and according to everything I’ve read, week three is ‘when the magic happens’ So… I’m suffering through and will report back. Until then, I’ll be daydreaming about tacos and cake and tequila.