A little R+F Love

Real friendships are the best. You know you have a real friend when you tell them you are going to start selling Rodan + Fields, and instead of encouraging you, they tell you 50 reasons why you shouldn’t. Including that I am, 1. Not a dermatologist and 2. What the hell do I know about skin care? That same friend saw me four months later and ask me if I had recently had Botox.

Most of my friends know that I love me some Botox. But, as I get further and further away from my twenties, I seem to need Botox more and more. It was driving me crazy. After spending almost $400 in January, and not being overly thrilled with the results, apparently some of us metabolize it differently, causing it to not last as long or be as effective. Well, that’s awesome news. Actually, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. I kept seeing a friend of mine who use to be a make-up artist for a big line at Neiman’s posting about Rodan + Fields. I also had an old neighbor who also loves Botox ask me if I had tried Rodan + Fields {R+F} and my curiosity was more than peaked.

In January I bought the line. I started using Soothe because my skin is so sensitive. After a month, my skin was much less red and irritated. It was also super smooth. I started using the Redefine regimen with the eye cream and really started noticing a difference the second month. The third month I started using the AMP MD system along with Redefine regimen. Hello results.

This crazy little, now patented tool, is amazingly awesome!!! I know the doctors say it much better, but it basically creates these little pricks followed by pathways in the skin {no, it doesn’t hurt} and that makes collagen surge. The collagen fills the wrinkles, making your skin not just ‘appear’ younger, but actually diminishes lines and wrinkles. It’s… the coolest thing ever. Until, I tried…

Acute Care. Acute care has the same active ingredient that my little friend Restylane has. Hyaluronic Acid. And yes, it is amazing. I have seen the results on my friends, and now I am seeing the results on myself. And unlike Restylane, I can put it on my crows feet, my forehead, or any line{s} I want to fill. It’s… freaking amazing. And, um, way cheaper than Restylane, and… my skin feels amazing. When you get Restylane, Hyaluronic acid is used via the needle. Rodan + Fields uses Hyaluronic acid in a proprietary way, in Acute Care. Through the cone-shaped design, the Hyaluronic acid is sealed into the wrinkle and works the same way as the needle. Pretty. Freaking. Cool. Um, Yeah.

Back to my friend that came to stay with me that I had not seen since my last round of Botox, slash first month of R+F… First of all she gives me a big hug, which, is not unusual, but then, she pulls me back, and goes, “Wow. Your skin really does look amazing. You look freaking young. You look my age.” We are 10 years apart. She continues, “Damn! Did you just get Botox?” “No.” I replied and smiled, just using that crap you warned me about.” “When is the last time you got Botox?” She demanded. “Right before I saw you in January!” Mind you, I saw her May 26th, when I would normally be desperate for another round of the ‘tox.

I had also just gotten my head shots back from the amazing Haley Naegele of Lady Bean Photography, and Laney, my friend and aestheticism, was looking over them with a fine tooth comb. “You look really young in this one. And this one. And, WOW. You look really young here.” And Laney does not just hand these compliments out, trust me.

And it’s not just little old me blabbing about Rodan + Fields though… The doctors who created Rodan + Fields, the same doctors that created ProActive, have also peaked Forbes interest. See the full article here: R+F in Forbes. And what is super cool is that Bridget Cavanaugh, who is featured in the Forbes article,  is my ‘boss’ which means that she trains me and my team. Which, is super cool and fun. And something a lot of other people selling R+F, do not have the benefit of. Read about her for yourself.

Here is a picture of Bridget, from the article… not to shabby.

This month I am giving away a free ‘Summer Essentials’ to anyone who signs up as a PC {Preferred Customer} on my website. That is a $64 retail value or $54 as a preferred customer. What does this mean? It means you get 10% off all products and free shipping. You have the option to have products shipped to you every 60 or 90 days, but you always have the option to not receive products or change your order or cancel at any time. The products also feature a 60 day money back/empty bottle guarentee, so if you are not satisfied, all you have to do is ship it back within 60 days. But I promise, you will be super satisfied. And anxiously awaiting your next shipment. Plus… I know, I know, there is actually more… I also make my own sugar scrub {because, let’s face it, I’m awesome} and if you become a PC, you will also get a free jar, a $25 value. Yes. That is really happening. That is a ‘Summer Essentials’ bag valued at $64 plus my own sugar scrub, valued at $25, so that is $89 for FREE. Hello summer. So…

To find out which regimen is right for you, simply click here, and in the lower right corner you will see the doctors ‘Solution Tool’. Click on that, answer the questions, and you will know what regimen is best for you. Cheers to happy youthful skin! alexismatthews.myrandf.com


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