The Mustard Seed

Marcie Finney taught me a lot about life in our first meeting. After we ordered our salads and sat down, we got right down to business. She told me that she only works by referral, and it was definitely no coincidence that we met. I knew at that moment that divine intervention was taking place. I have lots of friends that have started businesses, but I went straight to Kelly McCoy, co-owner of Core Elements {which, if you haven’t been to, you are only cheating yourself my friends}, and ask her who helped her with her logo. She shot me back a message saying Marcie Finney was the only way to go, and that was all I needed to hear.

Two weeks later I was sitting at Snappy Salads sharing my story with Marcie, and I knew great things were about to happen. She gave me a necklace, a beautiful piece that she designed. You can find her pieces here, at Mustard Seed Jewelry. She then explained to me that all it takes is a mustard seed to move a mountain, and that she knew I was a mountain mover, like herself.

I put the necklace on, and sure enough… my energy changed. My path, that I already knew was the right one, became crystal clear. My heart opened, and I knew my purpose. I’m not kidding. Things just started happening, like… right then.

Two days later I met The Cure. I got business that fell in my lap. People in my life that I had been wanting to distance myself from, all the sudden, it was like their intentions became crystal clear {see Bitches Man}. I had to email Marcie and say, ummm… is this normal? I’m not usually so forceful, like, ever, but it’s like I can’t stop it… This was her response:

Totally normal question! YES, I will tell you people tell me about magical things happening when they wear their necklaces. TOTALLY NORMAL. But totally individual for each person. If I were to intuit for you with this, I think it’s helping you clear and clean out anything that is not for your highest good! Allowing the old or anything that could represent the old to leave you so that you can be in alignment with the love that you are. That’s the gut feel I get. I’m proud of you girl, you go! We all need honesty in this world. I think the forceful in you, is just that your spirit dear has had enough, it’s ready to be in truth!!! Which is something to totally celebrate!
Much joy and love your way today!

Marcie Finney Ditto
Marcie Finney Design/ owner of Mustard Seed Jewelry

I can’t wait to see what the future brings. If you are a mountain mover I suggest you check out her site {Mustard Seed Jewelry} and treat yourself to a piece today. And go take a class at Core Elements Fitness, your mind and body will thank you.

And remember… sometimes we just have to open our heart, and say bye Felicia.

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