Fort Works Art

This post was almost titled, ‘My Friends are Bad Ass’ but alas, I changed it. Although that title would have definitely worked. Lauren Childs, co-owner of Fort Works Art is a dear friend, and total bad ass. She is an amazingly talented artist, and I am so proud and over the moon excited for her and co-owner, and fellow Trinity Valley alum, J.W. Wilson for their contribution to the art scene in Fort Worth.

Fort Works Art held their grand opening last Friday. My jaw dropped when I walked in. The space is just gorgeous. Phenomenal. Full of light, the modern gallery designed by Brad Alford, is visually stunning. And then there is the art… The Artist featured, Riley Holloway, is a Hunting Prize finalist and figurative painter. This is Riley Holloway’s premiere exhibition, aptly titled, “The People I’ve Come to Know.”

“Holloway is best known for his dynamic work and fresh look at figurative art. His images are often accompanied by text and other personal references embedded within the work. ‘The People I’ve Come to Know’, showcases many large oil and charcoal wood on panel pieces, alongside a selection of small intimate drawings that include his friends and family as his subject matter. Holloway uses a bold painterly technique to create depth within the portrait. Holloway’s technique is undeniable and his content is rich in both drama and intimacy.”

Do yourself a solid and don’t miss this exhibit. Fort Works Art is located at 2100 Montgomery Street. (817)759-9475. Hours, Tuesday to Saturday, 10 to 4.

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