Fort Worth Fit Body Boot Camp Grand Re-Opening

Fort Worth Fit Body Boot Camp, run by owner Toni Lacey, is having it’s grand re-opening this Saturday, April 9th from 9:00 a.m. until noon. If you have ever thought about trying out a boot camp, this is your chance! The talented staff is going to be running mini work out sessions in increments of 15 minutes, and in addition to that, they are giving away a ton of cool stuff! Free memberships, a free ‘challenge’ {trust me, you want to get in on this. The challenge that members participated in during January netted a group loss of over 800 lbs!} And one of my favorite things about these workouts… they are 35 minutes and change daily. You can’t possibly get bored, and talk about muscle confusion! Not only are they raffling off gym memberships, but there are tons of other giveaways, free food, and a bounce house, so bring the kids. It’s going to be so much fun!

I want to tell you a little more about Toni. She is from Canada and she is a red-head. These two things alone make her totally awesome, but it gets even better. She is so positive, and radiates that positive energy to all of her clients. And what a story she has… here it is, in her own words.

“My Why for what I do started in December of 2007. I joined my first gym ever when we moved here, to meet people. I was super lonely moving from Canada leaving my friends and family. What happened that next year was the start of my passion of fitness. In that year I lost 50 pounds, felt amazing, confident and I became very secure with who I was. I had found a happy place. I started to teach group fitness classes and went on to become a Personal Trainer. I was so happy, I felt great and completely loved what I was doing. Then in 2011 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, this was a very difficult time for me and my family. I went from a healthy, active life too not being able to walk, not being able to live the life that I loved, the way I wanted too. I was very angry and mad. I felt very sorry for myself and did not think it was fair. I couldn’t understand why this happened to me because I had done everything right, I was healthy, I had lost all this weight. I let all those feelings take control of my life. I spent a lot of time on face book sites for groups for Multiple Sclerosis (this just put me in a worse place with self-pity, most of the people on there had given up just like me.) One day something changed in my heart, I wish I would have journaled so I could remember how this happened. I do believe it was the good Lord giving my head a shake. This is where my why changed. I so wanted to be the great Mom and awesome wife that I used to be. I was sick and tired taking the back burner and not being there for my family. This is where I started to read and research like a crazy women. Prior to living with MS, I was quite content with the knowledge I had and content in the life I lived.This is where I realized I had to make changes. These changes started in my head. I changed my thought process from letting Multiple Sclerosis control my life to “I am gonna kick MS in the a$$”. Through my powerful thought process and changing my food I started to regain my life back. The anger, hate and self pity started to go away. I slowly returned to the gym and made it back up on stage teaching group fitness. I have never looked back. This is where the second part of my WHY comes in and how Fit Body Boot Camp came about. You see the gym I belonged to was a close-knit community. I knew everyone and they had seen what I had gone through. For them to see me push through and return gave people so much hope and inspiration. I realized then that my why was also to Help and inspire people. I honestly believe things happen for a reason and that God has put me exactly where I am supposed to be. I am supposed to help people like you guys. Do i still have tough days….Hell ya. Do I have days I want to quit…Hell ya. Do I still get angry…Hell ya. But when I get those thoughts and get control of them and stop ’em out. I look back and think my journey and really how awesome its been. Never easy but worth every moment of it. Life can be hard, but it is worth every minute. No matter how hard you are hit(cause dang it life can hit hard sometimes) Don’t stay down get up and keep pushing. Life is to short and so precious.”


After reading that, don’t you just want to meet this fiesty and vivacious person? Well lucky you, you get your chance tomorrow morning! Please come and share in this great {and free} experience. What have you got to lose except some pesky pounds?

Fort Worth Fit Body Boot Camp, 6489 Southwest Blvd., Benbrook, TX 76132. (682)704-9698.


2 thoughts on “Fort Worth Fit Body Boot Camp Grand Re-Opening

  1. Jade says:

    Ow owwww! Totally been feeling like getting into that Summer bod. For me that’s more like home yoga… I’m seriously impressed.


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