Did that just happen?

Wow. I’m blown away. I started this blog a week ago, and by day three I had been contacted by a high school classmate that works for Fort Worth Weekly. He said he had read my blog {all two of the post} and was curious if I would like to blog for them. After I jumped up and down and Facebook{ed} all about it and called everyone I know as if I had just gotten engaged, again, or an Oscar… I replied and said, Yes. Yes I would be interested. They even said they would pay me. That’s crazy. But I’m fairly crazy… so I guess it works. I cannot wait until I get to start. I’m slightly overzealous. And by slightly I mean I want to turn in a piece tomorrow. They are not in a rush, but I am so like, feeling like a teenager with my first crush, I just had to shout it out to the world!!! Okay… I must act cooler… I must act cooler… That’s a tall order for me. Hmph.

8 thoughts on “Did that just happen?

  1. Jade says:

    Just amazing when happens when you follow your gut! You deserve all the happiness and mindblowingly wondrous creative opportunities, cause you’re fucking awesome! YAY!

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